Sunday, June 16, 2013

Almost there

I'm now 36 weeks along and in a little more than one week the twins will be healthy enough to be born. I get contractions about every day but they aren't too intense.
After over thinking everything ( do I need 2 baby swings, which double baby stroller is the best, do I really need a breast feeding pillow this big?) I have finally calmed down a little. I have been working on quilts for the twins that will hopefully be done in time.
The midwife vs. Doctor argument took me a long time to get over but after a trip to the hospital where I will be delivering I relaxed some on that too. The staff as pleasant and the doctor was very kind and accommodating to the way I wanted to do things. There a lot of midwives in the area that will deliver me at home but the distance I am away from a hospital makes uncomfortable with that option.
Now I all I have to do is get past the 25th and I will have made it, praying and waiting.

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